Choose from one of our STANDARD Programs listed below or contact us to customize a program to fit your needs.


This option provides 30-day site inspection to monitor spill bucket compliance. Included in the visit:

  • Cleaning and inspection of all spill buckets/vapor recovery buckets
  • Painting spill bucket and vapor recovery lids as needed.
  • Inspection of hanging hardware associated with dispensers.
  • Inspection of applicable signage and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) required stickers.
  • Rectifier readings if applicable.
  • Inspection of caps and gaskets for functionality.
  • Inspection deficiency report per location.
  • Waste water manifested and properly disposed.


The PLUS program provides 30-day site inspections including all items in the Regular Program plus:

  • Cleaning and inspection of dispenser dry containments.
  • Cleaning and inspection of sump containments NOT containing galvanic anodes.


Customize your Premium Program to include the Regular or Plus program and add-in Inventory Reconciliation and/or Statistical Inventory Reconciliation:

All services are performed in a timely and professional manner with reports to the customer within 3 business days.

Access to reports available using the Tank Star Portal upon request.

Additional compliance services available:

  • Cathodic Protection Surveys.
  • Cathodic Protection Repairs.
  • Tank and Line Verifications.
  • Overfill Verifications.

The TankStarTM portal provides

  • Inventory Control

  • Statistical Inventory Reconciliation

  • Access to compliance records

Our software application is intuitive, easy to use and accessible from any device.

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